Top Pointers for Creating Great PowerPoint Slides Using Powerpoint Templates

Top Pointers for Creating Great PowerPoint Slides Using Powerpoint Templates

If you want to enhance the impact of a presentation then creating a powerpoint presentation using professional Powerpoint templates is a great way to do so. This way you give your audiencebest powerpoint templates something to look at, thus preventing their gaze and their minds from wandering, and you put much of what you will be saying in writing so that they won’t miss it and so that they have a chance to write it down. Meanwhile, there are many things that you can communicate through images – such as line graphs and pie charts – that wouldn’t be half as punchy if you described them. Instapoint Powerpoint templates are great at this! To get the most from your slides though, the slides themselves need to be well thought out and designed. That’s where the professional Powerpoint templates from come in. Otherwise they can have the opposite effect and end up actually distracting from what you’re saying and losing you credibility. Here we will look at some tips to help ensure your slides are working for you rather than against you.

Be Consistent

The first thing you should do when creating your powerpoint slides is to come up with a look you want to work with and then to maintain that consistently throughout the presentation. This will make your slides look much more well thought out and professional rather than looking erratic or like a child created them. Instapoint Powerpoint templates takes care of this.

Make Them Clear

Of course it’s also very important that your audience be able to read the slides, so you should ensure you are using high contrast colours for your text and background. Powerpoint templates from takes care of this. You should also use a relatively plain font with a large size to keep things as clear as possible.

Things to Avoid

There are a number of things you should avoid in your slides if you want to make them look professional. The first is funky fonts – so avoid trying to make a slide ‘scary’ by using a jagged font – again that’s something you do when you’re ten, not when you’re in a business meeting. Likewise you should avoid using clip art or images that you clearly got from Google. If you can’t use an image that your company owns or that you created yourself, then you’ll probably be better off leaving out the picture altogether. Borders by and large are also often better left out. Enter Instapoint professional Powerpoint templates.

Less Is More

When it comes to the text in particular, less is often more. Including reams of text in your slides will mean that they’re too dense for anyone to read, and that people will be too busy reading to listen to what you’re saying. Instead try to keep your text to just a few brief bullet points on each page (see the Instapoint Powerpoint templates demo gallery) so that your audience can see the key points and write them down if they wish. Don’t be Distracted This isn’t to do with your slides so much as your operation of the projector. In short, try to organize a set up that will allow you to change the page without looking at the computer or the screen, as otherwise there will be constant interruptions to your talk.

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